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View Diary: No, raising the Social Security retirement age is not a good idea (140 comments)

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    actually, it's not just people who have "hard physical jobs."  work in a cubicle for forty years doing stupid work for a stupid boss and you are ready to kill yourself if you can't get out by the time you are in your sixties.

    thing is,  with Social Security  THE WORKERS PAY FOR IT THEMSELVES.  if they want to retire who are we to tell them they can't.

    the catch of course is that with rising life expectancies, the present level of payroll tax will not allow them to pay for it enough to make it last for their expected life.  this could be fixed by letting them raise their own tax about one tenth of one percent per year... about 80 cents per week per year.

    meanwhile "the left" is demanding to "scrap the cap"  which would raise the tax on "rich people" tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.  the rich won't do this.  and if they did, it would only be so the next time they have a chance to kill SS, you won't be able to say "we paid for it ourselves."

    if you pay for it yourself they can't take it away from you.

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