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  •  It's possible you're right and I'm open to (3+ / 0-)

    persuasion. However, the same assholes who are running Big oil/coal are also the ones running nuclear.

    They want to be unfettered from regulation, but they are not trustworthy.
    They must accept rigorous oversight, regulation,etc.
    I'm very big on small scale solar, because it empowers the homeowner, farmer, school district, renter, etc in relation to the utility corporations. I think it will always make sense.
    However, I know we need power for industry, manufacturing, major infrastructure, etc. So I'm willing to look at 4th gen. nuclear. We have to figure out the waste problem before we move one tiny step forward. Where are we going to put it? How much will there be? Etc.

    Ultimately, we need to control the population ( with family planning) regardless of whether we figure the energy component out. We also have a water problem and a food problem, nuclear might help some with the power for water purification, but ultimately it can't solve every problem.

    You can't make this stuff up.

    by David54 on Wed Nov 28, 2012 at 08:10:55 PM PST

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    •  Thank you, David54. (2+ / 0-)

      we need to control the population,
      with contraception.

      I keep writing diaries about this.

      The overall solution,
      for every problem that can be fixed,
      is less humans causing problems,
      and less humans as victims.

      If there were only 100 million humans
      on the whole planet,
      none would need to live in low areas.

      There would be plenty of land
      for growing crops,
      and raising livestock.

      Click on my username,
      and read my latest diary,
      and earlier diaries,
      about this.

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