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  •  My dear mojo workin, please read this: (1+ / 0-)
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    Calamity Jean
      Yawn, indeed. I am not a diehard anti-nuker... (9+ / 0-)
    ...But until the supporters of nuclear power as the silver bullet for all our energy problems stop the ridiculous you-conservation-and-renewables-people-are-just-whining-idiots and start acknowledging that we'll need many thousands of the thorium nuclear reactors that are supposedly going to save us and that, so far, not a single commercial-scale thorium reactor has been built since the idea was first broached more than 50 years ago, I won't take your complaints about other people not being reality based as all that persuasive.

    Don't tell me what you believe, show me what you do and I will tell you what you believe.

    by Meteor Blades on Wed Nov 28, 2012 at 06:58:04 PM CST

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    That comment is downthread,
    in reply to
    Norm in Chicago,

    Meteor Blades
    has worked hard,
    for more than thirty years,
    as a journalist,
    and he is a journalist here,
    doing his research,
    quoting sources.

    I don't have any college degree,
    certainly not in nuclear physics,
    so I'm forced to choose from various sources.

    Meteor Blades,
    on most topics,
    seems like a reliable source.

    I could do a search,
    and read up on thorium reactors,
    but until I do,
    I say that I've heard they are better
    than any we now have,
    but none have been built?

    Bottom line,
    from all I understand on this topic,
    it seems to me that:

    1.  You are absolutely right.

    2.  And you are absolutely wrong.

    If it were just chunks of fuel,
    from everything I've heard,
    you are right,
    one small chunk of radioactive fuel
    produces millions of times more energy
    than a similar sized chunk of coal,
    or natural gas,
    or whatever is second to radioactive fuel.

    On that point,
    I'm convinced,
    you are absolutely right.

    But let's look at one statement you wrote:  

    I can hold in my hand all the fuel (and consequent waste) necessary to produce ALL THE ENERGY I'll EVER USE IN MY LIFETIME.  

    Visualize that handful of radioactive fuel.

    Now visualize
    seven billion

    Not a few hundred,
    or thousands,
    or millions,
    or hundreds of millions,
    but seven billion.

    group them together in bundles of some sort,
    and put nuclear power plants around them,
    for the spent radioactive bundles,
    some shielded bunker of some kind,
    and tell me how many of those plants,
    and how many bunkers,
    and exactly who's backyard
    they will be positioned in.

    aside from all those very large buildings,
    there's another obstacle,
    and if it's the biggest one,
    I share your frustration,
    just as wishing will not change
    the nature of a source of energy,
    wishing will not change

    Maybe the biggest obstacle to nuclear energy
    is fear.

    I know,
    you're working,
    by writing here,
    to reduce that fear.

    Just as I'm working,
    by writing here,
    to convince everyone,
    that we must all consider
    getting our tubes tied,
    surgical sterilization,
    to reduce the numbers
    of overconsuming monsters,
    (Americans and other wealthy folks),
    to reduce the numbers
    of victims.

    Fewer humans in harms way
    means fewer dead
    when harm comes.

    That's the overall solution.

    And most folks bicker over which way
    to keep heading towards brutal famines,
    with cannibalism.

    That's where we're headed,
    if we just keep bickering over energy.

    I predict:

    You will fail
    to eliminate the fear of nuclear energy,
    and I will fail
    to create the fear of famines,
    until it's too late.

    Famines will kill more
    than sea level rise.

    But sea level rise,
    and droughts,
    and floods,
    all those things
    will make the famines come sooner,
    and make them worse.

    And it's too late to build enough nuclear reactors
    to fix the problem.

    It's too late.

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