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View Diary: FRAMESHOP | Begun, this Frame War has [UPDATED] (128 comments)

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  •  As the moderates stated yesterday (none)
    By preserving the filibuster, "The American people won, the Senate won"

    We don't have to re-frame it.  It was framed excellently yesterday.

    The Democratic Senators just have to re-iterate what was said yesterday and it naturally paints the "Nuclear Optionists" as the ones wanting to destroy the senate.

    •  Hmmmm... (none)
      Fair enough.

      But count how many times you hear the phrase "up or down vote" on the broadcast news, today.    That will be the indicator.

      A frame is set long before it wins every debate.

      Abortion is still legal.  But "partial birth abortion" has been set and it will eventually cause great damage to the right to privacy in this country.

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