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  •  Go Ted! (none)
    I'm listening to Lindsey Graham, now.

    He's also talking about the people.

    •  Hey, this is good! (none)
      If Lindsey Graham is using the frame, it makes it tough for Frist to co-opt it.

      "The Senate stands with the people."  

      This also enhances the Senate's role as an independent body, NOT as merely another tool of BushCo.

      Look at Trent Lott.  Lott's no liberal or even a moderate.  But he is a) a firm believer in the role of the Senate as stated above, and b) eager to get revenge on Rove for replacing him with Frist, who has run the Senate not as the proud and independent part of the Legislative branch that it's supposed to be, but as Rove and Bush's private gang of gunsels.

      We can use this frame to work with those GOP Senators who would like to see the Senate restored to its former glory.  The old-timers must be chafing under Rove and Bush's high-handedness -- or worse, Tom DeLay's high-handedness.  (Remember how most of them did their best to avoid being hauled in to vote on the Use Terri Schiavo's Inert Body As Camouflage For DeLay's Ethics Problems Bill?)

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