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View Diary: Susan Rice's issue is not Benghazi, it's the Tar Sands Pipeline (175 comments)

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  •  Investments themselves are wrong. (1+ / 0-)
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    At this point, given what we know, holding such investments is wrong. Divestment is a moral obligation in my opinion. Maybe my moral standards are severe, but I see it as pretty much similar to investing in the tobacco. You're making money off of harming others.

    That's not a widely held norm though and I wouldn't necessarily disqualify her for having these investments in her portfolio. However, you are absolutely on target in raising this as a potential conflict of interest that she needs to answer to. It's flabbergasting that some people don't think she should have to answer for how she'll handle the potential conflict. This is a critical issue.

    Passive renunciation is not the whole of wisdom.

    by play jurist on Thu Nov 29, 2012 at 04:30:33 AM PST

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