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View Diary: Any way to "defeat" a Senate Hold on a Susan Rice nomination?? (36 comments)

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    Holds were already a delay item that's been discussed in the filibuster reform.  By talking about holds now, McCain & Graham & Ayotte are basically begging for it to be in the reform.

    It's rather stunning that they are going to the well on this before the Dems wrap up the reform (either by voting it in, or getting Mitch to blink to a "bipartisan" reform package).  We all know that the GOP was going to fight every nomination of note.  But by making it so obvious to Dem Senators right now, especially on someone like Rice who shouldn't be controversial (relative to the next Fed Chair and the SCOTUS nominations), they're making the Dems look at the nomination problem now.  A smarter course would have been to lay in wait and hope that the Dems in their reform package don't break off nominations for a special treatment separate from Bills.


    The only question is whether the Dems are more dumb and don't carve out nominations.

    There is a very big chance of that since they seem to be delusional enough to believe they'll need the filibuster on a nomination when there's a GOP President down the road.  My general thought is that if Bush wanted Bolton to be UN Ambassador, let Bush don't it an embarrass himself.

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