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View Diary: Reanimated Corpse of Romney Campaign Returns Having Learned Nothing (96 comments)

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  •  320,000 isn't that far off (6+ / 0-)

    Using Dave Wasserman's spreadsheet with the latest vote counts, if you fantasized (nightmared?) that Obama might have lost Florida, Virginia, Ohio, and New Hampshire by a single vote each, you would have needed to add about 420,000 votes to Romney's totals in those states (or flip 210,000 Obama votes).

    Which only goes to show, these kinds of numbers are meaningless.  If a candidate did that much better in those handful of states, they would have done at least somewhat better in other states too -- meaning a 420,000 vote increase in four states would probably translate to millions more votes nationwide.  Meaning that Romney lost by a lot, not a little.

    It's slightly more meaningful when you talk about a single state, such as Illinois in 1960 for Kennedy or Ohio in 2004 for Bush.

    But basically, it's like saying you came close in a game of chess, because you would have "only" needed three moves in a row for checkmate.  The game isn't played that way.

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