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View Diary: Yup, Romney couldn't get out of mid-40s in battlegrounds (159 comments)

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  •  Given that the Cons actually caused the crash (4+ / 0-)

    and the anemic recovery by siphoning money out of the economy, it's just fair. It also means that the citizens have finally begun to figure out who's been jerking them around.
    The subjects of this post should be the voters whom Willard, with all the bucks behind him, couldn't fool again.
    But the big story should be that we're not going to tolerate the Congress holding the people hostage any more.
    Another thing we should not tolerate is the citizens do the red states proclaiming "we are not socialists," as they happily scarf up welfare, education, highway, defense and homeland security dollars. That assertion should have about as much credibility as Nixon's "I am not a crook." which is not to suggest that the citizens, who most definitely vote for the people who bring home the bacon, are crooks. Really, they're just mistaken about what's social and what's not. They like decisions about what's to be done made close to home. What Washington should do, since it prints up the money, is just send it along. To their way of thinking, social has become confused with the nation and national has come to represent sacrifice, not security. And sacrifice, besides meaning their young people get killed or maimed, has increasingly been represented by the banksters and the loan sharks and the "security" down at Walmart whom Willard proudly claimed to represent. So, the only people that voted for him were the instinct-driven and the mean.

    It would be nice to know how many of the 47% voted alone. 51% of our adults are now single. I don't know how many of them live alone. It would also be nice to know how many couples cancelled each other's vote.

    We organize governments to provide benefits and prevent abuse.

    by hannah on Thu Nov 29, 2012 at 03:14:40 AM PST

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