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  •  I'm sure you're right. I suppose what I'm (1+ / 0-)
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    experiencing is the "benefit" of not knowing any better than my DSLR's responsiveness. As a 'young whippersnapper' my camera experience has been: slooooooooow consumer digital => phone camera => DSLR.  And by that progression, the DSLR feels incredibly fast :-D
    Add in the fact that my reaction time is slower than the camera's and I'm blissfully ignorant of how much faster things could be/used to be.

    By IIIa do you mean the FM3a? 'cause there's a lot less going on in there....

    I am curious though, do you have an idea of what  your shutter lag is on the IIIa? Or is timing something in the 10s of milliseconds range too tricky w/o special equipment?
    I would think that anything with a mirror takes time to move it, and there's a limit to how fast you can slam those around.  

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