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  •  Here's a difference, though: (4.00)
    they're wrong, and we're not.

    It's that simple.

    We have our divisions, we make our mistakes, we have our failings, our fits and starts.  We're human, just as they are.

    But we are on the side of good, goddamnit.  What we stand for, on so many issues, are things like peace, justice, care of one's neighbor, and stewardship of god's green planet.

    And they simply don't stand for those things.  

    •  and we are reality based (4.00)
      look at the diary from last week over the  unreported war deaths.  look at the uproar and attack against what ultimately was shown to be inaccurate information.

      will you find that sort of attack on a supportive story in freeperville?  no way.  they keep their vince foster myths alive.  It's like frist being unable to tell george stephanopolous that you could not get aids from tears.  

      The limbaugh myths are at the center of their belief system and cannot be attacked.

    •  Yeah.... (4.00)
      They say the exact same thing.
    •  Better To Keep Your Eyes on Where ... (4.00)
      ... we're both wrong.

      The diarist rants true. While we're not just a big, happy agreeable family here, we tend to have a warped view of politics, if the average voter's view is the norm. The average Jane/Joe doesn't watch CSPAN. Hell, they don't watch cable news, the sunday morning broadcast talkers. They tend to get their news from the front page of a newspaper, occasional glimpses of teaser news on broadcast television, the car radio, or chatting (live) with friends and co-workers.

      •  politics is at its root a practice (4.00)
        of involvement and continuous learning/updating of information, taking place in small, and by extension and implication, larger communities.

        The "average voter's view" is not "normal" at all if one wishes to think about "political" views.  If "the average Jane/Joe doesn't watch CSPAN...cable news, the sunday morning broadcast talkers" and if they don't really read newspapers, then they are missing a big part of what it takes to be truly political.  

        A related problem develops when that average Joe or Jane recycles uninformed opinion around the water cooler or at church, without seeking independently to understand events and adjust/moderate his/her own thinking.

        It's not we who have a "warped view" of politics.  It's those who content themselves with air, and don't want to think.

        •  understanding (none)
          we need to remain aware (almost typed mindful ... bushspeak is pervaisive) that our votes are buried under an avalanche of theirs ... real success in politics involves more than just being aware of issues ... it involves affecting the message that the mass of the voting public receives ...

          kos is an echo chamber ... it's hard for me to reconcile the difference in awareness, and takes great effort, in discussing issues with those who are not immersed as we are, with moving forward at a pace the average person will accept ... it's like trying to discuss sub-atomic physics with a fifth grader ...

          •  I guess I subscribe to the belief that (none)
            we won't be able to influence that avalanche of votes and get to be better spreaders of mass education about subatomic physics, unless and until we own the corporate media, newspapers, television stations, radio stations, etc., and decide the agenda we want to set through those media organs.

            But that would be, in any event, the equivalent of buying up shelf space in the grocery store so that your product is featured instead of someone else's.  Which is exactly what is going on with that mass disinformation among so many voters who just buy into opinions that are not theirs, that are just there, floating around to be had and available through the shelf space of their favorite tv channel or radio talk show.

            That wouldn't be politics, then, the way I understand it.

            Politics is far more complicated than buying up the blank shelf space of uninformed consumers' minds, and stocking that shelf space with prepackaged soundbites.

    •  mohammed atta also believed (none)
      ...that he was "on the side of good."

      just saying that doesn't amount to much. republican believe exactly the same thing.

      "The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity" -Yeats

      by jethropalerobber on Tue May 24, 2005 at 05:20:49 PM PDT

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