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  •  Question (none)
    If one were to go on Free Republic, not just to read but to engage, would your comments survive or would they be removed? If thoughtful, respectful, intellectually honest challenges are censored out, I don't see any reason to frustrate myself reading a bunch of crap.

    As far as this site being a leftwing echo chamber, the echo chamber technique seems to work pretty well for the right. The left side's problem is that we haven't built up a substantial echo chamber infrastructure yet.

    Plus, progressives already get more "balance" than we need from the corporate media.

    •  Phony "balance" (4.00)
      I can't stand the phony "balance" that gives equal time to any viewpoint, as long as its opposed to another viewpoint that's being expressed.  

      Nor do I think we should even change any of our opinions, or the way that our echo chamber works.  I do think it's important that we keep our goals, policies and beliefs in perspective. I hadn't thought about Joe Biden's plagiarism "scandal" in probably 15 years - yet, to the Freepers, he was an amoral oaf who could be dismissed with the wave of a hand because of it.  That's the sort of reality check that is important imo - not only does it help to know what they're thinking, but it helps us see the worst of our own ideas too, and avoid making the same mistakes.

      I mean, all I have to do is say "box turtle," and most of the people here will think "Man, Cornyn is really a freak, isn't he."  Well...outside the bubble, that doesn't make any sense to anyone else. And it's important to know that's how the perception will be. Not that we're wrong, but we have to be conscious of the audience when we're discussing issues, outside of the liberal blogosphere.

    •  Freeper banishment (4.00)
      In the event you go to Free Republic and make an inciteful comment that challenges common assumptions, your banishment will occur with a speed inversely proportional to the number of facts you use to back up your assertions, i.e.: More facts=shorter period between initial post and banishment.
      •  Indeed insightful comments at FR (4.00)
        are considered "inciteful"--can cause mob-like behavior and riots, often resulting in head explosion, may also spark unwarranted demands that you retract your "left-leaning facts".
      •  Yes (none)
        - though it also depends on the subject matter. I was booted off recently after a run of some 340 comments. The reason I lasted so long is probably that I didn't do anything 'worse' than defending the UN and the theory of evolution. The moment I joined a Middle East thread, it was over; ironically in fact, I was banned for defending the crew of the USS Liberty from accusations of spying on Israel!

        For would-be FR trolls I'd suggest maybe posing as a classic fiscal conservative. They are tolerated to a point, and can create a certain degree of amusing cognitive dissonance.

        BTW, it's correct that not all freepers are stupid, but many are. Whereas maybe 4/5 Kossacks are what I would call smart people, the ratio on FR is more like 1/4, ideology aside.

        Equally smart, more cosmopolitan, less crowded: join Booman Tribune!

        by Sirocco on Tue May 24, 2005 at 11:43:52 AM PDT

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        •  My life as an Anne Coulter troll (none)
          lasted a few weeks when I went on an Ann Coulter fan board and made entries claiming to be logging in from my local public library. Then I would lavishly praise the head honcho board moderators ("I never thought of that" "Good one!" etc.) and proceed to advance radical conservative concepts with a "who's with me?" approach. That was fun.

          I lasted longer than my first foray, when I logged on as Ann Cameltoe and identified myself as a liberal with the challenge to "convert me." There was a brief uproar until one poster summoned up all his indignation to post:

          Your name is a lewd reference!

          Well, du-uh!

          •  He he (none)
            Perceptive, aren't they...

            You know, I've signed up again on FR but not posted anything yet. I'm toying with the idea of pushing the envelope as a fulminating fascist to see just how deeply benighted posts they will condone. But I'm not sure it will be good for the soul to type all that drivel.

            Equally smart, more cosmopolitan, less crowded: join Booman Tribune!

            by Sirocco on Tue May 24, 2005 at 01:31:43 PM PDT

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