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  •  I think that the difficulty with debating (4.00)
    wingers stems less from our unfamiliarity with their vernacular and more from their unfamiliarity with the facts.

    There is NOT a perfect informational symmetry between the present day progressive and conservative movements.  The pre-elections PIPA report illustrated that fact.  Our differences do not merely lie in our worldviews; our differences also lie in our exposure to and acceptance of the truth and their relative weaknesses in this regard.

    If someone hasn't bothered to learn and absorb the FACT that torture does not yield reliable intelligence, how can one argue with them about the US' torture policy?  You wouldn't be arguing worldview and ideology; you would be arguing whether facts should trump fantasy, and that is a foolish argument to be having with an adult.

    •  In "discussions" (4.00)
      with my Red sibling, I notice that much of their arguement consists of opinion.  They tend to view their opinion as proven fact.  Recently he wrote an e-mail railing against the "liberal" supreme court and  gloating over the possibility of Dubya getting multiple appointment opportunities.  After I pointed out that only 2 of the 9 justices were appointed by Democrats, and the other 7 by Republican administrations...he was reduced to hemmin' and hawin'.  They seem to find facts malleable, and you can't argue logic when the arguement consists of opinion masquerading as fact.

      It's still upsetting for some people to know that the hippies were the ones telling the truth about Vietnam and trying to help America. - Anonymous

      by eunichorn on Tue May 24, 2005 at 08:41:20 AM PDT

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      •  Precisely. (none)
        I think there is a tendency to conflate progressives with conservatives and just label us all the "two extremes" as if these movements are perfectly symmetrical.  They're not.  One movement, at least for now, relies on fact.  The other, on conjecture, propaganda, native biases and prejudices.

        It's nearly impossible to reason with someone who truly sees no value in truth and fact.  That's what the GOP is banking on and riding to power.

      •  Useful terms: pre-reflective, quasi-reflective (none)
        Renee, in a diary last week, referred to the very helpful terms "pre-reflective" and "quasi-reflective".

        She gave this link.

        "What I tell you three times is true." - the Bellman, The Hunting of the Snark by Lewis Carroll

        by AlanF on Tue May 24, 2005 at 03:01:47 PM PDT

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