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  •  Put them in a corner (4.00)
    I'm a "liberal-tarian" or also know as an "alpha geek" Democrat (after a dKos user).

    It means I love gun rights but would slash the military budget, and also lean left on many issues.

    For example, look at this exchange between a "God boy" (theocon) and a "libertarian".  

    Theocon writes in response:

    Knock it off and take your Haldol. Your assume a person who disagrees with you "dont give a flying @$%@ about a kid that starves to death or is put to death like Sun Hudson?"

    You clearly ignored my previous post to you. It is rare for me to run into a person who is for abortion who is not for starving babies like Sun. Since you are FOR abortion I bet your position on cutting the feeding tube is okay but regrettable. I am against BOTH.

    A few notes about your erratic and illiterate posts. They would be better received at the DU. Go away troll

    So that's what they do, tell you to take prescription meds and go away.  Because they can't handle reality.  No one would address Sun Hudson.

    So in response, this poster wrote:

    Cute. I like that round about attack telling me to do drugs. Hey the thing is, Ill fight for you to use anything you want if you could handle it.

    I dont do prescription meds, I prefer beer and skoal, especially when Im wrenching.

    I think your ignoring the fact that I asked for solutions to kids in need but you have none and your just mad because I called you on what I see is hypocracy.

    Dont worry Ill go away soon. Ill be riding, you be you.

    The beauty is, when backed into a corner, pressed for solutions, they fold like a matchbook.  Tell you to take anti-psychotics.  Ad hominem attacks.  That's when you can go chop, chop and again press for a solution.  They'll just go ballistic!

    "You can't awaken a man who pretends to be asleep."-Navajo saying.

    by quartzite on Tue May 24, 2005 at 08:56:00 AM PDT

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