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  •  reality check (none)
    can't say i can argue with you patience has been/is being tested....

    reality checks & preparation are fine enough for me....but gawd!  drudge?!?  yikes!  you are brave!

    •  Drudge (none)
      I think Drudge is sanctimonious bottom feeder, however I check to see what he's got going every day and evening, usually. If you see it on Drudge, chances are fair to good it will bubble up to the corporate media sooner or later. Sadly, they're reading it too, looking for scoops. I just wish he would lose the pop-up that evades my pop up blockers.
      •  Drudge today (4.00)
        One thing he's NOT talking about today is the outcome of the fillibuster debate. The rule of compromise is that neither side walks away from the table entirely thrilled. Both sides, however, are supposed to be content with the outcome. My feeling--24 hours and several visits to Freepervilled later--is that we're feeling a lot more content than they are.

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        by JaneKnowles on Tue May 24, 2005 at 10:37:47 AM PDT

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        •  Quite so, but (4.00)
          - that will nearly always be the case whenever a compromise is struck, simply because Democrat activists are temperamentally more disposed for compromise than the other side.

          I've been reading Freak Republic almost every day for the past eight months and made close to 350 posts there. (I know, I should probably seek help.) And they truly have the mindset of the schoolyard bully, complete with a stunning persecution complex: If the opposition isn't beaten to a pulp, a shameful Dolchstoss is the only explanation. So they are really too divorced from reality to be a useful barometer of anything but their own collective mood.

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          by Sirocco on Tue May 24, 2005 at 11:22:51 AM PDT

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          •  Good point on compromise, (4.00)
            but I think "they" feel especially betrayed because they are in the majority. It's as though the rug got pulled out from underneath them.

            And congrats on 350 posts! I'm impressed. I've often thought about posting there, but I just don't think I have the temperament to lay low. Sooner rather than later, someone there would say something that would get me mad enough to post something that would reveal my true identity.

            The funny thing is, even though me and the Freepers are polar opposite on almost every issue, on some level, I at least respect the fact that they give a damn. Too many of Americans are content to let someone else make all the decisions and have no clue as to what's going on with their government.

            Next NYC Kossak Meetup: May 25 @ 7pm at KushBar. Email me for details!

            by JaneKnowles on Tue May 24, 2005 at 11:36:09 AM PDT

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          •  Please Sirocco (none)
            you know you've been reading fr too much when you use "democrat" as an adjective. It's *democratic! :-)"
          •  Reading (none)
            One of the points I was trying to articulate, but not doing a very good job of, is that it's not so much what they're saying that is important as how we read it.  One of the things that got me started on all of this was that when I started reading FR/LGF - when I'd come across some "fact" that they'd be pushing, that I hadn't heard before or wasn't sure of, my knee-jerk reaction was "Why is this wrong?"  

            That's not good. And if I am reacting that way, I'm sure others are too. The better reaction would be "IS this wrong?"  Now there are plenty of good reasons to be suspicious of facts you find in Wingnuttia, but dismissing them out of hand is a cop-out. We shouldn't be afraid to accept that facts we may not want to be true...could be true. And we shouldn't assume that facts from "the enemy" echo chamber are necessarily going to be untrue. We're much better off being aware of them, questioning them, interpreting them...and if they don't reinforce what we already believe, reconcile them.

            •  Completely agree with this. (none)
              And in fact, I have learned a few things on Free Republic that I otherwise might have missed, such as that, say, there are indications that France peddled advanced SAM systems to Iraq as late as 18 months before the invasion. But others of their hobby horses I do feel life is too short to investigate. Check out their collection of files to the effect that Hillary is infinitely more crooked than Delay.

              By the way, I haven't read LGF so much. What would you say the most salient differences are? It seems to me that LGF is (i) more of a blog; (ii) more focused on the 'war on terra'; and (iii) even more rabidly bigoted against Islam and Arabs, though perhaps that's just a function of (ii).

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              by Sirocco on Tue May 24, 2005 at 04:22:57 PM PDT

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        •  Earlier he had "Deal" up there, but... (none)
          I see it's been replaced by the latest diversionary topic, the Michael Jackson Trial. That's one topic which I'm happy to remain blissfully ignorant.
      •  Firefox stops pop-ups (none)
        download Firefox & use it instead of IE.

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