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  •  Agree with both of you (4.00)
    Iraq is a dismal failure, specially from a global perspective.

    And trying to point out some good things that have happened is not an attempt to change that reality.

    My point is that if all we mention are the negatives, we get perceived as people that are so focused on the bad that it appears we are rooting for bad to happen.  We can acknowledge that there have been instances of good things happening and at the same time point out that they do not outweigh the bad.

    In fact, we can point out that if the idiots in charge of this fiasco had actually been somewhat competent, there may have been more good than bad. (emphasis on the MAY).  Still wouldn't have justified our going into Iraq in the first place, because the ends do not justify the means.

    Let the right have the blinders on, not us.

    We can talk reality and facts all we want, the two are not equal.  Perception is part of reality, and at times supercedes facts.  

    The problem with Iraq is that most of the positive stories are in fact very localized types of things, not conforming to the country as a whole.  My son, for example, has developed a relationship with an Iraqi family and is providing books for the children to read.

    Not spectacular, but a positive story.  Does it impact the country as a whole?  No, of course not, but for that particular family it is important and valuable.  Does it justify our invasion or make the bad news less meaningful.  Of course not.

    But acknowledging that things like that happen while at the same time condeming the horrendous fiasco of the war at least gives the perception that we, the left, at least look at the whole picture, whereas the right focuses on a narrow band which the complete picture tends to negate.

    Bush, so incompetent, he can't even do the wrong things right.

    by JAPA21 on Tue May 24, 2005 at 09:02:03 AM PDT

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    •  Failures in Iraq (none)
      that even conservatives should agree with are:

      The failure in logistical planning. We don't have the best equipment for our troops and every American should be unhappy about that.

      The failure to properly forecast the resulting insurgency. Don't need to blame anyone, our intelligence sucked and every American should be unhappy about that.

      The failure to set up the forces available, the forces in readiness, the lack of a recruiting drive. In WWII we apparently sat on our hands for a few months after Pearl Harbor. It takes time to build up the force necessary for the job. Between 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq we had MORE time than between Pearl Harbor and Midway and we don't have an adequate force and every American should be unhappy about that.

      I could go on and on and these are only problems with HOW we are fighting not with WHY.

      Attack the weak points. Hit them where they are thin and attack with overwhelming force. Once you break through then send everyone through the breech.

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