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  •  Why cringe? (none)
    I cringe any time someone mentions that they won't ever read right-wing blogs, and won't watch mainstream news...

    I read right wing blogs when they are referenced here... I don't need to go looking for sources of hate on a more frequent basis.

    I stopped watching "mainstream" (corporate) news about two years ago after I watched a controversial speech (live streaming) by Al Gore in NY and went to see how the news would cover it... only to find that they chose not to cover it at all.  Even in print... about all you would find is "Al Gore's gone crazy".

    You have a choice with how to spend your time in your life.  I have concluded that for now, watching a TV does more to inhibit ones ability to stay informed than to enhance it.  I'm not hiding from the garbage, I'm choosing to use my time in a pursuit I find more efficient at getting the information I feel is relevant.

    That means no Peterson, no Jacko, no Kobe, no runaway brides, etc, etc, etc.

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