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  •  This is a good idea. (4.00)
    Perhaps, as in the military and in marketing, the approach could be to get together a group for a right wing diary. Kossaks who are willing to focus on an issue and present the right wing view point with the facts to back it up. And once a week or every two weeks drop the challenge on the community.

    GASP! Could their be facts thet SUPPORT a right wing idea? Well, I suppose if they were 100% wrong on every issue they would be easy to beat.

    In the military there are groups who study the leaders of the oppostion, how they think and how they react. Study their available resources and how they might be used. They use that information for exercizes. So the opponent can function as a teaching tool.

    In marketing, you always want a hard critical analysis of your product's weaknesses. You need to know how the competition might use those to create fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) about your product and your company. The closer your product is to a commodity the more important FUD is.

    A great example, which kills us, is FUD over national defense. The Rebublicans cannot actually demonstrate that they have kept the Nation safer. But they have created the impression that we cannot keep the Nation safer.

    A final bit of blather. If you want to get Joe and Jane America to vote for you you have to attack the message. If I believe George Bush was elected President and you say, "George Bush hates you." I will have to defend the President. I am an American. If however you mention that the Administration is making a mistake by not up-armouring the troops, I will probably agree.

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