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  •  But if my dentist reserves for her/himself (none)
    the right to VOTE for Joe Biden, or for George Bush, or for anyone who is going to make laws that concern me and my family, then you'd better believe that I expect him/her to be informed!

    How DARE they vote on matters of life, death, bread and butter, justice and security, without understanding or caring about the people who will be making those decisions?

    •  So if I'm living in Texas... (none)
      my dentist needs to know who the senator from Delaware is?

      Yes, he needs to know about the president and who is running for that. But do you really expect him to know about the 98 senators from other states?

      •  It's an illusion that only our senators/congress (none)
        people from our own states represent us.

        What I mean is, it's true that technically their jobs are to represent us.  To speak, so to speak, for us on the floor of the congress or senate.  To vote as proxy for the will of the people of their state, or at least to represent their views.

        However, senators and congresspeople introduce legislation and support their fellows' legislation not only within state confines, but also with regard to national or even international contexts, events and group concerns.  Lobbyists, for example, are not always only state-based and don't only try to lobby senators from x or y state with regard to  their interests.

        So do I think your or my dentist, if he/she lives in Texas, should know about Joe Biden?  Well, if he/she is concerned about issues at a national level, he/she should indeed try to find something out about a variety of senators.  Because they're the ones working together and influencing each other across state lines on national legislation that affects all of us.

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