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  •  This is exactly the message (4.00)
    I took away from the announcement.  It was crystal clear to me that the line was drawn in the sand between the Senate and the White House as well as Dobson, Frist and the like.  

    Am I happy that Owen, Pryor and Brown will get their judgeships?  No, but it's called c-o-m-p-r-o-m-i-s-i-n-g!  Neither side gets exactly what they want when they compromise.  I believe this deal is better for us than it is for the Evangelical Right.  

    I know many feel that the Dems should have fought this to their last breath and if they had won out, that would have been fantastic.  The truth is, however, that no one knows how the final vote would have come down.  We could have lost the filibuster for good.  Then the Dems would have slowed down business in the Senate.  While that would have been tremendous fun to watch, it doesn't serve the country or the constituents.  Who's to say it wouldn't have gone against us in '06 leaving the Senate with an even larger Repub. majority?

    I know there are still problems with this agreement.  What exactly is the definition of "Extraordinary Circumstances" and who is going to determine the justification for using the filibuster in the future, especially with Supreme Court nominees, are just two examples.  However, for now, I am willing to trust that the band of 14 are going to be the negotiators and that level heads will prevail.

    I know it's not popular, but I have to give credit to the 7 Republicans who decided to jump ship and work out a deal.  That slap in the face had to sting and maybe even left an invisible welt on the faces of Bush, Cheney, Frist and Dobson.  

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