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  •  I'm in agreement with this diary . . . (none)
    the few times I've visited FreeRepublic I'm struck immediately how it is the bizzaro world equivalent of here (or more precisely I'd say DU).  I also recognize the danger of an echo chamber.

    However, I have not seen a comment on the value of an 'echo chamber'--namely keeping up morale.  Remember not all of us live in lefty bastions, and in times like those dark days of early November, it was important to have like-minded voices to offer encouragement and to give us (political purpose).  Perhaps you did something as small as writing a letter to the editor or one to your congressman--that you would not have otherwise done had it not been for encouragement offered here or elsewhere.

    Or perhaps someone might follow a route similar to mine.  Generally considered myself middle of the road, always left leaning I guess, though for the most part apolitical.  (Always voted for a Democrat for President, starting with Mondale.  Didn't vote for Clinton in 96 over a particular issue; wouldn't have consider voting for Dole--so I just didn't vote.  Wasn't real thrilled with Gore and I may have for a fleeting moment have considered Bush in 2000, but ended up casting the vote for Al and became more hardened in my support during the recount.  Did have a "want to throw brick at the TV" moment when the Bush v. Gore decision was announced.  Satisfaction with Bush highest in his post-911 speech to joint session.  Cheered when Mazar-e-Sharif [sp?] fell.  Got disgusted by the snow job we were given in the run up to the Iraq War.  Another "brick at the TV" moment when a go ahead for the War following the Azores conference was announced.  Was against the war, but wasn't radicalized against the whole thing until I discovered blogs.  This happened after Dr. Kelly was "suicided" and I was googling around to see if there was anything on the internet about a possible murder.  The result is someone who is e.g., LIHOP.  I ended up contributing to campaigns for the first time and working for a campaign for the first time. I attribute this to:  1) finding like minded people on blogs and 2) learning information that never makes the nightly news or is buried without context on page A-16 of the newspaper.

    •  Amen, hidden in plain view is the worst! (none)
      who is Dr. Kelly?  Was Paul Wellstone murdered?  Was that fellow Kloberg suicided?  How about that woman who filed the sexual assault lawsuit against bush?

      i read when Clinton was president in some pamphlet that said 42 people working with or around Clinton died mysteriously over the years - and it was a leftist pamphlet.  what's the matter with these people?

      anyway, Dr Kelly?

      "War should be relegated to the shelves of history"
      -Kevin Benderman

      by mediaprisoner on Tue May 24, 2005 at 03:22:54 PM PDT

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      •  Dr Kelly (none)
        was the British Ministry of Defense expert on Iraqi weapons.  Slashed his wrists.  Brouhaha ensued with the BBC.

        Not enough there for a compelling conspiracy theory.  However, the official story certainly seemed fishy enough

        •  ohhhhh yeah (none)
          i think maybe i saw photos of that on some website?  he checked into a motel and did it, supposedly?

          i don't know if people can still be killed for what they know, simply because so much horrible information is already out there that ....well, i guess i should restate:  i shudder to think of what you can be killed for knowing, considering the amount of damning information already publicly available.

          "War should be relegated to the shelves of history"
          -Kevin Benderman

          by mediaprisoner on Tue May 24, 2005 at 07:49:25 PM PDT

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