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  •  Yes. They attack us but... (none)
    I would counter that they didn't start with the entire party. They tried to peel away the farthest left with subtle attacks and shifted over the years.

    To move the connection in the mainstream we have to associate them with the Zealots in a way that makes it clear that zealots are the bad guy. Eventually One would wish that the mainstream would begin to see the connection and begin to associate the Republicans with the Zealots because they keep defending them, supporting them, serving them, being them.

    Liberal didn't become a mainstream smear till the Reagen years (though Republicans used it all the time as a smear amongst themselves) By then people were back peddling, "I'm a social liberal and a fiscal conservative."

    In other words, "I accept their definition of liberal = spender."

    We need to flip that around.
    Liberal = Investor

    Conservative = Horder, Greedy, Selfish

    And on other fronts work toward a subtle change that will bring us to:

    Liberal = Forward Looking

    Conservative = Backward Looking

    Liberal = Modern Army (based on Well-trained, Well-paid, Well-equipped Soldiers)

    Conservative = Mercenary Army and Big-money Contracts for their Buddies and not enough armor for the human on the ground.

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