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View Diary: Hewlett-Packard: An example of folly in American business management. (48 comments)

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  •  Mostly right on; but Steve Jobs wasn't God. (7+ / 0-)
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    No question, the MBA morons have run HP right into the ground, just like the managers of Kodak in my backyard. At the end of the day it's not how cleverly you shift piles of cash around or how you reshuffle the company's org chart. No, instead it's simply whether or not you can develop and bring to market something people actually want to buy. What a concept! Who knew?

    Steve Jobs from the beginning of his ascent at Apple seized unwarranted credit for clever ideas developed mostly by other people. He certainly had a gift for showmanship and motivation. But for every home run, there were more than a few strike-outs. Lisa? NeXt? Others come to mind. And his treatment of subordinates was frequently appalling.

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