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View Diary: Susan Collins (ME-R) politicking in Massachusetts while blasting Susan Rice (41 comments)

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  •  And someone needs to remind her, (2+ / 0-)
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    and question her, about her own role in the slaughter of four thousand U.S. military personnel in Iraq, plus the slaughter of probably many times that number of military contractors, plus the slaughter of many times even that number when it comes to the slaughter of civilians -- children, mothers, fathers, grandparents -- in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Or how about the illegal rendition and torture programs that she happily closed her eyes and ears to?  Or her failure to question any of the many, many lies that caused it to happen in the first place?  

    So, Ms. Collins, how many people died on your watch?  How many lies were told on your watch?  Why were you silent when your party, with your support, initiated the most extensive war crime of the twenty-first century?  

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