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View Diary: Hundreds of New York City fast food workers strike (94 comments)

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    Our grandparents & great grandparents who fought the good union fight starting in the 1930s would be proud. I have said for quite some time that the fight for workers rights will have to be fought all over again. The repub control of the last 31 years has destroyed much of workers rights. Now that is is getting so bad to stomach, folks are willing to take it to the streets.  Go for it!  Thank you.

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      My grandfather was a Teamster in 1905. I've been seeing more union activity and union talk that I have in a long, long time. It's so good to see. I know which side I'm on.

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      The statement that Republican Control of the last 31 years has destroyed workers rights. In fact I say it has been going on much longer placing the actual date to the Reagan Presidency, but I'll use your date rather than argue the fine points....

      The Right Wingers like to believe that the "1%er Job Creators" are benevolent job providers, while neglecting to see that the 1% desire to be Jay Gould...

      The relationship between an employer and the worker is complex, and in the end, absolute power on either side is self destructing...

      With the destruction of workers rights that have occurred in the last 31 years the situation has approached a tipping point where continuing in that direction is destructive and unsustainable.

      In discussions with many conservative small business owners they commonly use the argument that unskilled workers are getting paid what they deserve and that additional pay or, benefits would place an undue hardship on the employer, raising the cost of doing business and causing prices to increase beyond what the market will bear. Even more so when they bring in the fact that these workers are only "Part Time" workers and that the workers should get full time jobs...

      But the cold cruel fact is these companies running the fast food restaurants, and retail establishments such as Walmart are purposely creating part time positions in what should be full time jobs to avoid paying a fair wage and provide benefits to their employees!

      When and employer is open more than 40 hours a week, schedules workers to work any time between 8 AM and 5 PM Monday - Friday or, has an unpredictable work schedule that varies week to week, that employer is preventing the worker from securing full time employment, and should have full time workers.

      The argument of skill level vs. amount paid is a moot point! If the employer has work that needs to be done at a minimum the wages paid should be sufficient to allow the employee to afford to live within reasonable commuting distance of where the work is to be performed.

      Anything less is just the employer taking advantage of the situation allowed by the weak jobs situation created by the present imbalance of workers rights, Sadly this has evolved into a situation where taxpayers are subsidizing the Employee Benefits Package of these Parasitic Companies in the form of Earned Income Credit, Food Stamps (SNAP), Medicaid and State Sponsored Health Benefits, Housing Subsidies, and other programs for low income individuals and families...

      If anything the conservative small business owners that I was arguing with should have been resentful of the fact that they were pay taxes, which were used to support the parasitic business model of someone else. I.E. The Walton Family...

      If the market will not bear the true cost of these companies doing business without the use of artificially low wages and benefits causing taxpayers to pick up the slack they they should be out of business. However, Given the "Obscene Profits" these businesses are generating lets call it what it really is, 'Unfettered Greed!"

      Instead these Conservative Small Business Owners shoot themselves in the foot and bestow praise on the offending 1%, admiring their hard work, and business skills, which built their business to the unbelievable success it is today.

      Hopefully we can get this turned around before Monsanto engineers a flour shortage with its Round Up Ready Wheat and we follow the example of the French when they tell us to eat cake...

      Okay... Rant Over... LOL

      "Do you realize the responsibility I carry? I'm the only person standing between Richard Nixon and the White House." ~John F. Kennedy~

      by Oldestsonofasailor on Thu Nov 29, 2012 at 09:16:59 AM PST

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