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View Diary: Hundreds of New York City fast food workers strike (94 comments)

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  •  I have worked in fast food, so I am not sure I (6+ / 0-)

    agree with your idea that these people are the least employable.  

    One thing I do remember, in the 70's and 80's, there was a gradual shift towards the bottom line mattering the most. So, the parent company would make more money from 10 stores with one less employee each, even if things didn't run so well at all 10 stores. Before that, there was more of an emphasis on getting the best service to customers at the local place.

    I don't know much about NY, but in rural areas and some midwestern cities there is a transportation issue. Often poor people don't have cars (cities and suburbs), there is no reliable public transportation and so the only jobs available are these kinds of jobs.

    The larger problem is health care. Employers won't give the workers a 40 hour work week because they don't want to pay benefits. So these people, if they do have families, are working 2 of these jobs, 30 hours a week at each place and probably also doubling up on housing.

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