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  •  How about.. (5+ / 0-)
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    blueness, Brecht, Avila, poco, aitchdee

    referring to cats as "pooties", or hide rates (HRs) as "donuts", or worse "d0nuts" (shudder).    I've never really minded the pootie thing, but since you mentioned it I've developed a real distaste for calling a hide rate a "donut".    When I see it I wince.   That means I wince quite a bit around here.  

    I've never had a problem with the word, facilitate before.  In fact I use it from time to time.   I consider it one of my "big words".   I hope you haven't ruined that for me as well.  ;)

    •  "pootie" (5+ / 0-)
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      sofia, Brecht, Avila, poco, aitchdee

      is anathema that comes from a literal redstater (PhillyGal) who invaded this space and smeared all our cats with that hideous name. Though she is now long gone, her insufferable "pootie" remains.

      "Donut" is a relict of the avid uber-troll MajorFlaw and his various sidekicks.

      The words "pootie" and "donut" cause bile to back up into my throat, and I cannot rec, or even truly read, comments that contain them.

      Because you are Good, sofia, I don't mind if you "facilitate."

      ; )

    •  these (5+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Brecht, blueness, poco, sofia, aitchdee

      exactly, sofia.  

      "donuts" - always cringe-inducing.  (aside from the reference, i despise deliberate, trendy typo use.)

      "pooties" - i remember the origin, but still, reflexive aversion.

      "spinning doom" - self-explanatory.

      "RK**" - flinch.  no doubt my own sick sense of haha, but the immediate association is one of needy Adult Baby overcompensation.

      "indefinite detention" - alliterative ipecac, the shrill tinfoil text of muy pollo loco, especially in combination with "drone" or "NDAA."  the new trutherism with none of the original sazon or passion.  one could go on, to crib from Hitchens, and indeed, one does go on, but only briefly here in the Donut Shoppe.  if i heard the words spoken, a breathless delivery, almost la Marilyn Monroe, one is certain. ;)

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