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  •  This diary does have one part of the story... (4+ / 0-)

    ...switched, in that Cunnane was abused by the science teacher first, when she was 12 or 13, then turned to the PE teacher when she was in eighth grade to report the abuse...and the PE teacher abused her for 4 years.

    •  Looks to be almost simultaneous (7+ / 0-)

      Also interesting to note that she apparently attempted to make an official complaint early on, but was blown off.

      In Tuesday's lawsuit, Cunnane alleges she had been groomed starting at age 11 by Correa to be a victim. But Cunnane says Correa began the abuse only after Cunnane confided that she had been molested by science teacher Dan Witters in his classroom.

      This newspaper's investigation, published earlier this year, revealed that a teenage girl, whose name was redacted in documents, contacted Walters in 1994 to report she had been sexually abused by Witters while attending Joaquin Moraga in 1990. The girl wrote in a letter to Walters that she was coming forward to prevent Witters from harming other girls.

      Instead of passing the allegations on to law enforcement, as required by law, Walters sat on the complaint for two months before showing the girl's letter to Witters -- revealing the girl's identity to her alleged abuser. Witters denied the allegations. A district memo says Walters shared the girl's letter with vice principal Simonin, and the two administrators decided "not to pursue the issue," according to district records.

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