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    I just lost my 9 1/2 year old Golden to cancer a month ago.   Yesterday, my wife and I were reminiscing about some of the amazing things she could do, but one story stood out.

    When Daisy was about one year old, she was a rambunctious and brave little girl.   She would chase our older Golden, Duke, and wrestle with him - and he'd let her win.  She would chase rabbits and tennis balls with equal energy.  But she never really liked to show her affection, which is very abnormal for a Golden.   She loved to get her tummy rubbed, and she'd lean up against us to get pet or scratches behind her ears, but she rarely gave kisses back herself and wasn't really a cuddler.  

    At the time, my wife and I were having a hard time with attempts to get pregnant.    We had being going to a fertility doctor for over a year and were getting ready to do our first in-vitro fertilization procedure.   We had one more shot at a natural pregnancy before the IVF, but given that things hadn't been working that way, our hopes were pretty low.   My wife was reading in bed a few days after that window of opportunity closed, when suddenly Daisy jumped up on the bed, licked her face a few times and then lay down across my wife's stomach and remained there for about an hour.    The next day, my wife's pregnancy test came back positive.   To this day, we are convinced that Daisy knew this before us and was helping to protect and encourage my wife.

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