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  •  Different kind of prevention (8+ / 0-)

    Nothing prevents a scumbag willing to harm others from carrying a concealed weapon, permit or no, shall-issue, may-issue, or no-issue.

    The only people prevented from carrying concealed when carrying concealed is forbidden are conscientious people, and people afraid (in a particular circumstance) they're likely to get caught.

    You're talking about the weapon as a deterrent. I'm talking about the law as a deterrent. Different things.

    Non enim propter gloriam, diuicias aut honores pugnamus set propter libertatem solummodo quam Nemo bonus nisi simul cum vita amittit. -Declaration of Arbroath

    by Robobagpiper on Thu Nov 29, 2012 at 02:19:29 PM PST

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