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  •  North/South split in the state. (1+ / 0-)
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    Southern Louisiana is French heritage, Catholic, liberal alcohol, gambling, party time! North Louisiana is Protestant, largely fundamentalist, anti-"vice" as practiced in the south and much more like small town/rural deep South in vibe.

    That divide runs all the way across the Gulf Coast. It is based on the old French/Spanish territory. This map of West Florida shows the line. There was a brief lived West Florida Republic. The Wikipedia page West Florida contains a map showing the counties in Mississippi and Alabama involved. If you live or visit the area you will quickly find French/Spanish/Catholic heritage of celebrations, liberal attitudes toward alcohol and such while a county or two north is "dry as a bone" and you can be arrested for having a beer. That line drifts well north once it hits the Louisiana border, but in blurred form it is there.

    Culturally there should have been a Gulf coastal state and an interior state instead of today's Mississippi and Alabama. I suspect a possible reason there is not is an old effort to gerrymander out the non-English and Catholic influence of the Gulf coast culture.

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    by pelagicray on Thu Nov 29, 2012 at 06:46:06 PM PST

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