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  •  And Obamacare, which, while (24+ / 0-)

    not perfect, is, in the words of VP Biden, a BFD!

    I'm glad Barack Obama is our President.

    by TomP on Thu Nov 29, 2012 at 01:56:28 PM PST

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    •  Obamacare IS "the ACA" ... (3+ / 0-)
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      ssgbryan, mickT, NoMoreLies

      And while it's a whole lot better than a poke in both eyes with the same sharp stick ...

      It's a lottery which has both winners and losers.

      People with "existing conditions" are definitely winners. People with benevolent employers may see their premiums rise more slowly than would have been the case before "the Exchanges."

      Those whose bosses are more "bottom line centered" will probably have to now buy their insurance at "Exchanges".  And what a surprise when they find out how little difference there is between premiums based on the 33% overhead and profit margin already in place due to Market Forces  and the 20% maximum overhead and profit allowed by ACA regulation.

      The ACA "mandate" has no teeth. The worst that happens to  "Freeloaders"  is this:  in 1014 $95 will be held back from any tax refunds due to them ... (this  rises incrementally  to a maximum of $625 by 2017.)

      Under the ACA it's still cheaper for fast-food bosses to pay the  fine for not insuring their (few) full-time employees than to insure them -- and even less reason to grant full time status to workers.   (In NY State we have a subsidized insurance program "Healthy NY" available ONLY to workers not covered by medicaid, working 30 or more hours a week.)  It's a high deductible policy meant to protect against catastrophic health emergencies ... but it costs less than $200 a  month and has a drug benefit.

      And ... in return ... Medicare and Medicaid are On The chopping block Table

      I know a good many Democrats are willing enough to have "the very poor" bite the bullet over Medicare cost controls -- believing that THEY will never be so poor as to need the program.  Fact is ... middle class seniors needing "long term care"  in a nursing home  (at $12,000/month or so) will probably NOT be leaving any residual estate to their heirs.  The long term care facility takes it all ... until the resident qualifies for Medicare.

      If at some time in the next 10 or 20 years Medicare benefits are "cost controlled" below what it actually takes to run a for-profit long term facility ... and the States and Counties are selling off their nursing homes rather than building new ones ...  "Then What?"

      So ... yeah ... ACA is a BFD.  It's a BFD for the President's Legacy. And it's a BFD for the insurance carriers that pick up 20 million or so young and healthy new customers.

      Everyone else:  "not so much."

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