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  •  Economy is Ecology (4+ / 0-)

    Only once that sinks into our collective heads we'll have a fighting chance to keep this ship from sinking.

    Thanks for this thoughtful diary full of truth. We need more of this, in fact, I'd love to see this connection made in a lot more diaries about all kinds of issues that are ultimately all interconnected.

    •  Thank you (4+ / 0-)

      I keep thinking, the evidence is overwhelming, what more evidence do we need?  What will it take?

      And when people say that the environment can wait, I think, until when?  How long?

      "It feels like President Obama still hasn't won. It never ends" - my very astute 9-year old watching MSNBC.

      by Ellinorianne on Thu Nov 29, 2012 at 05:26:10 PM PST

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      •  I think people have just become (6+ / 0-)

        too comfortable in their over-consumption. They're afraid to have a little less and be a little inconvenienced, so it's easier to just pretend as if all the oil just grows on trees.

        I liken it a bit to working out. People know it's good for them and their overall health, but they're also intimidated by the effort it takes. Once you do it your muscles are a bit sore but you feel great. In fact, you feel so much better than if you had just sat on the couch all day. But when sitting on the couch all day it's tempting not to get up because you're so comfortable.

        It's like we're collectively sitting on the couch, thinking that the comfort will last if we just keep sitting there, when in reality the best thing we could do for our long-term well being is to get off and take the difficult trip to the treadmill. Living in balance with the environment and scaling back our massive waste and consumption would not only be healthy for the planet we live on but for all of us. We'd be living so much leaner more active lives, feeling better about ourselves.

        Well, we've come to a place where it's commonly accepted that working out is good for us. The challenge now is to change the narrative to where we all understand that living less wasteful lives and scaling back is also really good for our health.

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