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View Diary: Need ADHD-1 Advice for my Son (122 comments)

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  •  i don't have much help (5+ / 0-)

    but this site always helped me (i hope it's ok to link to it)

    My older son has ADHD. We were hesitant about medication so from 1st grade through 10th we tried every sort of behavior modification you can think of and he still regularly lost his binder, coat, gym clothes, lunch, home work...He's very bright, outgoing and extremely unorganized. In 10th grade he started on meds and things improved, not perfect, but a big improvement. He somehow got 2200 on the SAT and ended up in a selective LAC, which was chosen for it's small size and relaxed gen ed requirements - no foreign language requirement (the bane of his existence) he managed to graduate in 3.5 years - I never would have thought this was possible during those bleak days of 10th grade - don't give up hope.

    •  got hope? (4+ / 0-)
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      thank you for that.  i will check it out.  also, we tried meds, but my son who is already underweight, became gaunt looking.  he wouldn't eat and lost additional pounds off his already thin frame.

      the benefits didn't seem worth it at the time.  but we may try again.  perhaps with some nutrition counseling and if his teenage boy eating genes ever kick in....

      we've been waiting for him to eat us out of house and home for forever.

      •  I've got a skinny kid too (5+ / 0-)

        and he was running xc (which I think is a great way to meet kids and running helps clear the mind - and they don't cut kids - everyone is welcome!) it took 5 or 6 tries to get the right medication and the right dose - so things got worse instead of better at the beginning but then we hit on Focalin which seemed to help and not have any of the bad side affects.  I think everyone is different though and what worked for him may not work for your son. Good luck and please check out that link - there are a lot of knowledgable parents there. BTW the only kid with dysgraphia from our high school, just graduated from Oxford a couple of years ago. He always carried around some little notetaking thingy - before tablets were invented!

        •  that's awesome (4+ / 0-)

          and you know that's what makes this such a struggle is that you know that he has everything it takes.  he's got all the right things inside him.  you just can't bend society to make it all come out on paper.

          my son ran XC too...skinny little thing.  i think he just liked to literally chase the girls.  :)

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