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  •  I'm a teacher and parent of two boys with ADHD (7+ / 0-)

    (one also is on the spectrum).

    First, I know you're not seeking this, but I want to apologize for those teachers who put your child in the back. Believe me when I say that  preferential seating is one of the most important accommodations for students with ADD/ADHD. I flinched when I read that this teacher put all "disruptive" kids in the back. That sounds like the teacher tolerates disruption and not learning. Bad.

    Second, I wonder  about the programming at your son's school. I find that students with ADHD often require activities that are most hands on/project based, especially if it involves technology; is there a school in your area that provides that, maybe a STEM school or a school with mentorship programs? Again, a shot in the dark, but I wondered.

    Finally, I know you have tried behavior modification with your son in the past, but I wonder if it could be tried again to incentivize the lack of homework communication from your child? I know you probably have, but for us, incentives didn't work a few years ago but they work now.

    My thoughts are with you--I know this is tough!

    •  thank you maple jenny (2+ / 0-)
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      weck, bluestatedem84

      and you're right, i would never want anyone to apologize for that teacher, who unfortunately will probably never realize she needs to apologize for herself.

      and i wish i could say that was my only similar experience...but i'm not writing to attack the education system, because i've had failings of my own trying to help my son.  it really does take a village and i truly believe in everyone's best intentions.  for the most part--that incident aside--i believe the educators i've worked with, even when i felt we were being underserved were doing the best they could.  just as i was--even if their efforts didn't seem to measure up at the time.

      behavior modification is a funny thing, particularly with children who don't respond well to rewards.  but it IS getting easier.  teenagers, even introverts like my son, do love technology.   and while we never could get him to care about losing or gaining anything else....the potential loss of a cell phone is pretty powerful.


      i'm hoping other influences will emerge to help us as well.

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