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  •  Economic Stimulus (0+ / 0-)

    Got a concept I'd like to throw out for discussion. Subject: Economic Stimulus that benefits everyone.

    Problem: U.S. infrastructure needs $Trillions in new spending just to maintain a fruitful economy.

    Problem #2 - U.S. corporations have $Trillions of cash stored off-shore due to tax problems with repatriating these profits to U.S.

    Solution: Feds create Infrastructure Investment Bank such as the one they've been tinkering with in Chicago. These IIBanks fund infrastucture improvements by coordinating public/private funding for big projects. I say to fund this Bank with the $Trillions of off-shore money waiting to come back to US. Keep these funds tied up in this Bank for at least 5 years, rather than tax the hell out of these funds when they repatriate.

    Can we imagine what kind of stimulus these $Trillions would create? And who benefits - business owners, yes even the 1%, workers, tax systems, better roads, safer bridges, upgraded electrical grid, etc. After 5 years, let these corps start withdrawing funds from this Bank after these improvements have been showing increased economic activity.


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