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View Diary: This week in science: Red Rover, Red Rover, nothing new to send over? (80 comments)

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  •  Somehow my comment got deleted! (0+ / 0-)

    I don't think it was offensive, but I got an error something or other after it first appeared and then disappeared.

    Part of my comment was that I thought at least 30% of any population was likely to be misinformed, opinionated or insane.  I then pointed out that this was just my opinion, not a scientific statement, like much of what passes for science in the popular press.  

    Finally I noted that a recent headline story listing the most dangerous college campuses was a case in point.  A university with which I am intimately acquainted was listed as #2 in the country.  I pointed out that this was based on an FBI report which included the caution that the reports for each university were incomplete.  The ranking overlooked the fact that only a fraction of US universities were included in the report.  Also they used student population from the main campus, but crime reports from both the university and its associated community college.  They also included all the land covered by the university campus, which has a large part on the other side of the freeway where vandalism is common, but students are rarely likely to go. Finally they did not take into account that universities are not equal in what they report.  We certainly need better analysis of statistical data and a lot more critical thinking before such pseudoscience is passed off as science.

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