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View Diary: possible move to Maryland - any advice? (82 comments)

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  •  HdG is charming to visit but not to live there (3+ / 0-)

    HdG is right on the water, very scenic and lovely for a visit but nothing much to do there. For fun you'll want to spend time in the greater Baltimore area an hour away, where there is plenty happening, including a vibe very supportive to LGBT folks. Well, like anywhere it's more supportive to L and G than to B and T. But still. There's a community, and places to connect, and in the I-95 (DC/Baltimore) corridor especially, is reasonably tolerant. As an indicator, Maryland passed marriage equality in the legislature, then a few weeks ago it was ratified by popular vote.

    It's friendly, and homey in a charming way. For example the Baltimore pride parade is much smaller than say NYC (duh?) but feels like a party where everyone's invited. Not so distancing. Very vibrant arts and music scene too. I ask you, how many cities have put up a statue of Frank Zappa?

    Completely understood about not wanting an hour commute. But how about half an hour? One possible compromise might be to live in Belair, half an hour from HdG, not too bad. Belair is a rather red (for Maryland) area, but the natives are friendly. And you'd be only half an hour from anywhere in Baltimore. Or live in Towson or Parkville, 45 minutes from HdG but far more cosmopolitan and open, and of course closer in to the delights of Bawlmore.

    Bottom line ... yeah, work would be out in the sticks. But if you're looking for a city that will offer you stimulation, the Baltimore area is far from the worst place to live.

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