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  •  There is a massive white collar industry (1+ / 0-)
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    built up around the stupid way financing our medical system works.  THESE are the people that would lose their jobs if the country went to single payer.  Thuglicans claim it's the medical care, the hospitals, the doctors, the nurses that would suffer from the change but they're full of it.  It's the money managers, the paperwork pushers, the actuaries and so on that would suffer as their jobs become pointless.

    That's always the problem with trying to fix a broken system.  There will be big businesses who's entire reason to exist is because of the fashion in which the system is currently broken.  And they will yell and scream bloody murder if it looks like the broken system they're exploiting might get fixed.  This is why "Obamacare" ended up being just a gift to the insurance companies (mandatory customers, oh boy!) instead of an actual national healthcare plan.  It's because that was the only way to get the legislators beholden to their monied interests to go along with it.

    That's also why you'll never see the tax code in the US get simplified to something sane and understandable like it is in most other countries.  It's because doing so would put companies like H&R Block out of business.

    •  I am one of those people who (0+ / 0-)

      seriously believes that if a situation is not fixable, you need to move on. Walk away.

      What happens when it's nearly all the major components of your life, because your country is run by corporations?

      What then?

      There really is no place to turn when every corner says 'do not walk' and every door is closed in your face.

      I have wanted to walk away so many times.
      If I was younger, and not married, I would have looked into Canada.

      But, 58, and married to someone who is already shifted into retirement gear, my options are non-existent.

      save yourself if you can.

      I nominate Susan Rice for Secretary of State!

      by karma13612 on Sat Dec 01, 2012 at 10:50:27 AM PST

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