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  •  Primary system guarantees no change imo. (3+ / 0-)

    Most are 'closed', i.e., on registered Thugs allowed.  As the party has shed moderates since the 70s, its primary electorate has become more and more RWA (to use the diarest's terms).  The 'elites' can not control who they nominate, as the T-vangelical proved the last 2 cycles.  Indeed, even the most minor of efforts to do so becomes a rallying cry propelling the Murdocks, Angels and 'Witches' to victory with this rump.

    IMO, the only this plays out well for the country is a right wing 3rd party that siphons more and more of the moderate, estashlishment, etc., Thugs until the current Thugs go the way of the Whgs.  Of course, bc of modern marketing and laws, that group will then appropriate the Thug name and structure.

    But, the pedulum of US politics, the fickleness if not downright corruption of the media, the utter corruption of the moneyed-class make it very, very dangerous in the interum.  Hitler was given power not by the people, but by the industrialists and 'conservative' establishment.

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