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  •  Unfortunately, the web seems to have changed media (0+ / 0-)

    for the worse on this, as they seem to chase web hits and stories that get high web hit #s, which of course are the most us/them, and given Faux etc. pretty much guaranteed to be poutrage/fauxrage v. varying degrees of strength defending reality.

    And to that the corruption of web-based news by HuffPo and other folks justifiably seeking the megabucks... and I am not hopeful in the short-term.

    OTOH, in the longer term, I suspect the media will so utterly fragment that the real problem will be getting and maintaining even a plurality consesus on most things.  OToOH, that oddly may increase the power of real leaders, such as POTUS, to cut across all platforms and get attention and build consesus, for good or ill.  (But that would take continuously message-campaigning ala 'Pass That Bill', and a responsiveness most often found in the very authoritarians we seek to counter/education/neutralize.)

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