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  •  One or two have been conciliatory (2+ / 0-)
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    Rep. Tom Cole come to mind.  And a few others have tried to distance themselves from the Norquist pledge.  That's movement -- very small movement, but movement nonetheless -- from a few Republicans.

    That kind of thing helps to give Boehner a bit of political cover if he want to really push to some kind of tax revenue increase (most likely rate increases on the super rich and maybe deduction limits on the $250,000 to $1 million crowd) in exchange for something the Republicans really want. To get a deal, Boehner needs to go to House Republicans and say, "you're going to change the position you just campaigned on, and got re-elected on, and vote for tax increases, because we have to do that in order to get this" (something else the Republicans really want).  That's our politics works. That's compromise.    

    What the President signaled yesterday is that he's not willing to give the Republicans anything they really want in exchange for the House passing a tax increase.  In fact, he's signaled that, not only is he unwilling to give them anything they want in this deal, but he wants them to give up any leverage to negotiate for those things in future deals (the debt limit part).   That's a signal that the President is not seeking a compromise.  That makes it less likely that Speaker Boehner is going to push his caucus to vote for tax increases -- less likely that any bill gets to the floor of the House.  

    That's why I said it appears to me that the President doesn't want a deal.  A deal necessarily means compromise from both sides, and it appears that the President has moved away from, rather than toward, compromise.

    •  "Look at what people do, and not what they say" - (9+ / 0-)

      a quote from my husband's grandfather that I try to live by.  No matter what the Republicans have SAID to date, there is no history that should give anyone any faith that they mean what they say.  Nothing.  They have never negotiated in good faith.  Democrats actually tried to find savings in Medicare (remember that $716 billion) and it was characterized by Republicans as cuts which helped get Dems get shellacked in 2010.  I'll believe that Republicans will defy their sainted Grover Norquist when I see it.  It appears that PBO has learned this lesson and I'm happy about it.  In addition, Dems pick up a few House seats in Jan - maybe there are enough Dems and Repubs in moderate districts to get a deal done without the Tea Party Caucus.  I trust that the WH has thought about all of the possible outcomes before sending Geithner up to the Hill.  I'm happy to watch this play out.

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