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View Diary: Republicans Frustrated With the New Obama, Who Will No Longer Negotiate With Himself (174 comments)

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  •  I'm encouraged. (12+ / 0-)

    As long as he hangs tough, he'll win.

    I do wish that I knew for certain that there are no plans to raise the age for Medicare since I'm certain that would be catastrophic for the many who can't continue to work for health reasons or the lost jobs from age discrimination which is very real and very difficult to regulate and prove.

    And I know that there's no hope of dealing with it now in considering the social safety nets and emergency funding but soon we have to begin to plan for the effects of global warming on the well-being of the people.

    As we're making all of these plans about the future, climate change is the enormous-sized elephant in the room that is going to control, quite literally, everything else about our lives and of course life itself for many.

    The projected timelines for livability are increasing reduced as the effects worsen more quickly.  I'm now seeing a deadline of 15 years without severe alterations, but even if those alteration to lifestyle are addressed, we know that the suffering will still be immense.

    When I started I didn't intend to go off on tanget about warming, but I've been thinking now for some time, about how futile any plans are when we are mostly ignoring the onslaught that almost all reputable scientists are predicting.

    Again, sorry to go off topic somewhat here, but it just seems to me that we're not going to find any solutions to any of our problems without beginning to interject the reality of global warming into our debates with the Republicans and some Democrats who would prefer to pretend that it doesn't exist.

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