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View Diary: Reminder to House GOP "Majority" : You Didn't Even Win a Majority There (9 comments)

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  •  Of course I did. That, however, is part (2+ / 0-)
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    of our form of government.  You think gerrymandering is a new invention?  Of course not.  It goes back forever.  Somebody has to draw districts, and the way that you draw districts is always going to favor somebody.  The only limit on drawing districts is the "one person, one vote" rule from the SCOTUS, as well as the attempts to draw some "minority-majority districts."  Those minority-majority districts are, of course, gerrymandering themselves, as they generally assure a safe Democratic seat (since minorities vote overwhelmingly Democratic).

    The fact that, just as they have done forever, politicians drew districts so as to assure as many safe seats as possible (and there are lots of safe seats on both sides) is not a reason to try to do an analysis that interprets  votes in a way contrary to the system by which those votes were cast. We don't have a popular vote for the House.  And if we did, there's no reason to assume that the results would, or would not, be the same as occurred in the district-by-district vote that we did have. It would be a completely different election.  

    We had a vote.  The President won a second term.  More Democrats than Republicans were elected to the Senate, so the Democrats won the Senate.  More Republicans than Democrats were elected to the House, so Republicans won the House.   That is the only legitimate way to interpret the vote.

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