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View Diary: President Obama to House Republicans: Don't take middle-class tax cuts hostage (58 comments)

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  •  Obama did not gamble anything - he's a (4+ / 0-)

    shrewd, thoughtful, patient scholar, who is willing to let his opponents save face.

    He deliberately defuses a lot of stuff, which leads his opponents to underestimate his readiness, and leads them to "debate themselves" - during which they reveal how nuts they are.  E.g. the GOP rape comments.

    Besides the ACA, and standing up for Sandra Fluke, the only thing Obama said about abortion is that women can be trusted to make their own choices in consultation with their Doctors and their families.

    Contrast that with Akin's unforced error, explaining to a nobody local reporter why a rape exception wasn't needed.  

    Contrast Obama's low key rhetoric that sidesteps the hot button words, to Mourdock's unforced error, where he admits in a debate that he "wrestled with the issue" - that he "debated internally with himself."

    There are so many examples of Obama, simply executing a silent "Please proceed, Governor", "Please proceed, Senator", "Please proceed, Cardinal" ...

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