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View Diary: CNN Losing Bradley Manning Story: Manning Was Reporting a War Crime, "The Van Thing" (286 comments)

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    Really, it wasn't about Manning, specifically.  I wasn't clear on that.

    The part about someone seeming guilty of something made me uncomfortable because in general, that's a pretty dangerous line of reasoning.  Sometimes people "seem" guilty because they are, but often when anyone says someone "seems" guilty, they're using it to justify acting on their own ignorance, fear and spite to mistreat someone else.  Standing on a corner with friends while appearing Hispanic, black teenagers wearing hoodies, a woman not reacting to abuse the way other people think she should so she must have made it up, etc.  And yes, indefinite detention and no presumption of innocence.

    Either you have evidence and he's guilty of something specific, or you don't have evidence, and he's not guilty of anything.  "He seems guilty of something" doesn't work.

    (BTW, I hate the term "person of interest" for the same reason.  That was the Bush administration's way of implying guilt without having enough evidence to even call the person a suspect.  Way to lower the bar.)

    Anyway, that's why I took that part of the comment out of context and ran with it -- just to say "look how the sentiment expressed here can be harmful."  

    Having said all of that, though -- I'm just talking about that particular choice if words.  None of what I've said is meant to be an attack on aoeu.  Clearly aoeu was using much more thoughtful reasoning than that, and wasn't being a blind authoritarian fool.

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