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View Diary: CNN Losing Bradley Manning Story: Manning Was Reporting a War Crime, "The Van Thing" (286 comments)

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  •  I agree that any kind of raw data has value (2+ / 0-)
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    Garrett, wenchacha

    for it's own sake, without any imposed biases or filters, a fresh pair of eyes can sift, filter, identify patterns that others did not see, or could not see.

    It's an immense challenge, how to deal with the break down in the rule of law, the wide-spread breakdown in military discipline, the likely number of war crimes, and graft, and so on. When so many actors each seeking to establish their own spy network, with intelligence that can be held against others, I suspect we will be sorting out the modern "J Edgar Hoover" age for many decades to come.

    Question for you: How do you know the raw data is authentic? How do you know some was not held back? How do you know false information wasn't intentionally planted?

    Understand where I'm coming from?  A whistleblower platform that has no knowledge of the source, can not possible be a secure source of knowledge.  It would be too easy for one organization to feed prejudicial information into it about it's competitor.

    How do you deal with the possibility of fake data?

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