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    Pragmatus, TrueBlueDem

    I agree. We need to fix all three of those things.

    Specifically, on voting, I've previously proposed four changes that I think we should force through Congress:

    (1) A national voter ID automatically issued to anyone who has ever voted in a national election. All states would be required to accept this as ID for the purposes of voting for any candidate for national office.

    (2) Standardized dates and times for early voting that start at the beginning of October and end on election day and that require the board of election offices to be open for people to vote that include at least 12 hours per day on weekdays and at least 8 hours a day on Saturdays.

    (3) Standardized vote by mail so that all voters can vote by mail and send in their ballots up to three weeks before election day.

    (4) Standardized election district criteria that require districts to have balanced representation where the difference between registered members of the two largest parties be no more than 5 percentage points. [See replies to the reference for details.]

    The time to correct this is now, not before the next election, and certainly not in 2016. We know there's a massive problem. It needs a massive solution, and that has to start today.

    Thanks, Meteor Blades, for keeping up the pressure!

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