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  •  Of the 114 provisional votes tossed out.. (0+ / 0-)

    .. in the 98th district race between Rep. Joshua O'Farrell (D) with 23,378 votes and Rep. Al Landis (R) 23,398 votes is a difference of 14 votes. That is 8 times the margin ...

    In Tuscarawas County, 114 provisional ballots have been tossed out, and in Cuyahoga County race 270 have been. Democratic Rep. Debbie Phillips said that pollworkers were given were given plain brown manila envelopes instead of the official provisional ballot envelopes—part of which must be completed by the voter or the ballot won't be counted.Democrats say Husted is also tossing out ballots citizens cast at their former precinct even if they live in the same county and congressional district. That violates the 1993 "motor voter" act. - emphasis added
    ..and the 7th district between Rep. Matt Patton (D) - 27,615 votes and Rep. Mike Dovilla (R) - 27,734 the margin is 119 votes, so Husted is throwing out 270 votes, twice the margin for a possible Democratic win.
    I recognize that there are people insisting there is no cause for indictments here - legally - but as a non-lawyer (and admittedly unqualified to say so) it still seems like this is a clear case for the DoJ to take on for Federal violations to me

    Plain brown envelopes instead of offical ballot envelopes - all this shit is wrong all the way. It is obvious voter disenfrachisement, and racial aspects can not reasonably be denied

    Yep this calls for year round campaigning at the state & local levels to spread the word of voter suppression & must be something Dems are planning to do and the President will continue taking it to the people

    •  One thing I want to say (1+ / 0-)
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      is that I am tired of people framing the Republican supermajority in the Ohio legislature as being able the ability of the legislature to place constitutional amendments on the ballot.

      That's no biggie. I hope they do. The amendments the right wingers have been talking about and have been unable to gather enough signatures for (Right to Work for Less, "Personhood") are so politically poisonous that if the legislature IS dumb enough to put them on the ballot, they might as well concede the elections for every single state office in 2014 right now. In fact, they could actually lose control of the state House as a result. Let them go for it.

      I am not worried about that. I am worried about the legislation they might pass, especially tax dollar giveaways to private interests such as the for-profit charter schools and whoever they can trick into buying the turnpike. I am worried about Kasich rushing through a state income tax cut that will be paltry for average citizens but will destroy public services, especially public schools, in Ohio.

      Legislation — and not potential constitutional amendments — should be the focus.

      Jon Husted is a dick.

      by anastasia p on Sat Dec 01, 2012 at 01:56:47 PM PST

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      •  Splitting the EVs (1+ / 0-)
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        Eric Nelson

        Didn't Husted want Ohio "not to matter anymore" by splitting its electoral votes by district?

        I worry that if this GOP supermajority comes to pass that they'll pass this through.

        These bastards are so evil. Disgusting.

        "If these Republicans can't stand up to Rush, how can they stand up to the Iranians?" - Redmond Barry

        by xsonogall on Sat Dec 01, 2012 at 07:01:55 PM PST

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