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View Diary: Hey America! Can you please stop killing our (usually) innocent Black male children now? (423 comments)

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  •  I wonder why those law abiding gun permit whites (2+ / 0-)
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    MikePhoenix, Gardener in PA

    don't stand up to point out the crimes of thier irresponsible fellow gun toters.  Their silence only adds to the gravity of the crimes.

    •  Saying it? Not enough. (7+ / 0-)

      It's not enough to say:  Arrest and Convict Zimmerman and Dunn.  Same goes for the "shoot first, as questions later" Cops.  WAY more young black men killed by police than by some white civilian with a handgun.

      So saying there must be justice?  You STILL fail the litmus test.

      You MUST say:  

      End licensed concealed carry.  End handgun possession.  Impeach Scalia.  Burn down the NRA.  Revoke the Second Amendment.
      Well that's a good start - but you're still not a liberal, as you own/ed a gun.

      So what gives a "gun permit whites" street cred?

      Go live in the projects, be seen by everyone, including members of your own race, as a likely felon, dealer, rapist, and gangbanger.

      Then come back and say:  "I live the life, I understand."

      Until then?  YOU are still white, still can go home, still can do what you want and not BE a black man in America.

      THAT much I understand.  THAT much I agree with.
      Changing reality for 99% of black men in America is more important than condemning some murderer like Zimmerman and Dunn.

      Let soon-to-be Ex-Congressman Alan West of Florida get pulled over, smacked around, and threatened with death by some Florida cop... and see how fast the GOP can have a come-to-Jesus moment.  
      DWGOPB might be a one-time offense.

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